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What next for resurgent Manny Pacquiao? Filipino is clear; he wants to face Floyd Mayweather again
Enough with the imitator, Manny Pacquiao seemed to say in his convincing victory over Adrien Broner on Saturday night at MGM Grand. Bring on the real thing: Floyd Mayweather Jnr. In... read more
Manny Pacquiao easily outpoints Adrien Broner in unanimous shut-out on return to Las Vegas
Manny Pacquiao continued to roll back the clock on Saturday night in Las Vegas when he defended his WBA welterweight championship with a comfortable unanimous decision win over Adrien... read more
Public policy think tank SynergyNet to close after 17 years because of lack of funds and unfavourable environment in Hong Kong
A think tank founded 17 years ago by Hong Kong’s former housing minister is to cease operation, citing a lack of financial resources and frustration with the government’s... read more
Chinese authorities go after citizens for using VPNs to skirt online censorship
By Oiwan Lam Two Chinese internet users are currently facing punishment for doing what an estimated 1-3% of people living in mainland China do every day: access the global internet.... read more
Give older people more opportunities if you want them to stay in work, experts tell Hong Kong government, in wake of welfare payment controversy
Hong Kong officials need to create more opportunities and policies to help less educated people aged 60 to 64, if the government wants to encourage them to keep working, two social... read more
Trade war optimists are ignoring the lesson of recent history: China is not changing
The last days of 2018 were used for dire predictions for 2019, conjured up by those better informed or quicker to judge than your columnist. Gazing into balls of dark crystal, observers... read more
‘Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves’? Why Hong Kong’s national anthem bill deserves a resounding ‘boo’
Arise, ye who refuse to be slaves!” In one of the great ironies of history, this call to resist enslavement presents the greatest threat to freedoms in Hong Kong today. This clarion... read more
Two artists ask: what does it mean to live under the shadow of the Great Firewall?
If you look hard enough at the Great Firewall of China, beneath the policy documents and internet code and rooms filled with dim screens, you might find an unexpected participant: yourself.... read more
Don’t waste your pity on Donald Tsang, we’re still paying for his megalomania projects
The convicted criminal Donald Tsang Yam-kuen – the most senior government official to have been jailed – completed his sentence last week, pitifully telling the media about... read more
Huawei founder’s protests mean nothing – independent Chinese companies simply don’t exist
By Martin Thorley The media-shy founder of Chinese tech giant Huawei has given a rare interview to international news organisations in an attempt to assuage the growing global security... read more
China’s senior catwalk models defy age group stereotypes
by Lianchao Lan Wearing a bright floral ensemble with her short hair dyed blonde, Chinese model Ma Yinhong struts a Shanghai catwalk with a style and swagger that belie her 56 years.... read more
Hong Kong’s Central-Wan Chai Bypass opens to traffic – but industry observers warn the real test comes on Monday
Hong Kong’s long-awaited Central-Wan Chai Bypass provided a smooth ride as it opened to traffic on Sunday morning, but industry observers said the real challenge comes with Monday’s... read more